Fioretto Fencing Academy

Sport of Fencing in Jacksonville, Florida


Fencing is an active sport that develops both physical and mental strength, as well as speed and agility. It is a fun and energizing sport that is great exercise for people of all ages and abilities.


 The Fioretto Fencing Academy Introductory and Beginners Classes are ongoing, and affordable. All of the equipment that is necessary for these classes is provided free of charge. Anyone starting from age 7 is welcome to join at any time. Students can choose whether they would like to pursue in recreational or competitive fencing.  

Coach Alan Chernomashentsev has over 30 years of fencing and coaching experience. He began fencing at the age of nine in 
Lvov, Ukraine, earned the title of Master of Sport of Fencing of the Soviet Union at the age of seventeen, and graduated from 
the Institute of Physical Education in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. with a Bachelors degree. In addition to coaching, Alan is an A ranked 
fencer, and competes at the national level, reaching the finals at many national competitions. His latest result is a bronze medal 
at the 2009 U.S. Summer National Championships in Grapevine, Texas, a gold medal at the North American Cup 2010 in 
Dallas, TX, and a gold medal in 2010 U.S. Summer National Championship in Atlanta, GA. Alan is #1 on National Point 
Standing for Veterans Mens Foil (season 2010-2011).

Most recently, Coach Alan Chernomashentsev represents the USA at the Veteran World Championships in Livorno, Italy in 2018! 

Located at Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex:
(On the corner of I-95 & Emerson)
3605 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone Number:
(904) 566-9004

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Member of the United States Fencing Association.