Fioretto Fencing Academy

Sport of Fencing in Jacksonville, Florida


Private Lessons
6-8pm: Advanced Group Class

Private Lessons
5-6pm: Intro/Beginners Class*
6-8pm: Advanced Group Class

Special conditioning/training


Beginners and New Students:

Introductory Class: $5 for the first class
Beginners Program: $80 for 8 classes

After completion of Beginners Program:
Advanced Group Class:

$100 for once a week
$150 for twice a week
(Monthly Fee)


$30 "drop in" per class (6-8pm)
or $15 if only open fencing (7-8pm)

Private Lessons with Coach Alan Chernomashentsev:

$60 for 60 minute lesson
$30 for 30 minute lesson
$15 for 15 minute lesson


Private Lessons with Junior Coaches:

(as available--prices vary)
Contact us for more information.

Program Structure:

-->Our introductory class is designed to give a student a general introduction to the sport of fencing. The low cost makes it possible for the student to decide if fencing is something they would like to continue. Preregistration is not necessary for this class. Just come in on any Tuesday or Thursday that works for you.

-->Once the students completes the introductory class they can choose to continue with our Beginners Program. The Beginners Program is at the same time (Thurs 5-6pm) as the Introductory class, but students in the Beginners Program will receive further instruction on the basic positions and maneuvers involved in fencing. For the cost of the program ($80) the student will get Eight Classes. The student can come once a week, or may even miss a few weeks, and then come back. No matter what time span the student takes to complete them, they will receive their full Eight Classes. In addition to this convenience, we also provide all necessary equipment for the program!

-->After completing the Eight class program, the student will be familiar with the basics in fencing and will transfer into the Advanced Group Class. The first hour of the group class consists of warm up, drilling, footwork, and instruction by Coach Alan Chernomashentsev, and the second hour is Open Fencing. The Open Fencing time is a good time for the student to polish what they learned and trained in the instruction portion of the class. The fee is monthly for this class, or the student can drop in for $30 per class, or $15 if they would only like to fence the Open Fencing portion. There is no contract involved in any of our programs.
If a student would like to expand and work with Coach Alan one-on-one they may schedule a Private Lesson. Private Lessons are excellent for the developing fencers, and highly recommended for competitive fencers.

-->After a certain amount of time training with us in our Advanced Group Class, the student may wish to compete in tournaments around the Florida region or National events. If a student shows interest in competing, Coach Alan will guide them in the process, and show them how to go about it. We always keep our "Competition Calendar" on our website up to date so always feel free to ask any questions you may have!