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Fencing is a self-paced sport, with students free to do as few or as many tournaments as talent, time, and resources will permit. For students interested in competitive fencing, we encourage participation in the following:


Club Tournaments

Club sponsored tournaments are a fun way to test a fencer’s skills against students from other fencing academies.  Search for nearby tournaments and register through the Fencing Results and Events Database (FRED) at:


USA Fencing Tournaments

USA Fencing is the sport’s national governing body, and organizes tournaments through which fencers can earn regional and national points and rankings.  These tournaments provide students who wish to complete beyond a local level, or who dream of fencing in college, excellent experience.  Our youth fencers should register for Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) tournaments in Region 6.


USA Fencing divides the nation into six regions;  Florida is in Region 6, and youth fencers will earn regional points only at RYC Region 6 tournaments.  Alternatively, youth fencers can participate any of the larger and more challenging Super Youth Circuit (SYC) tournaments organized by USA Fencing, if they aim to earn national points.


Information about USA Fencing tournaments can be found here:


Sunshine State Games

Every summer, the Florida Sports Foundation organizes the Sunshine State Games – a statewide Olympics style event that includes a day dedicated solely to fencing.  The Sunshine State Games attracts fencing students of all ages across Florida, and our club generally has a good showing.  Find out more about the Sunshine State Games here:


We can arrange special events such as birthday celebrations or fencing demonstrations, if the events work with training and competition schedules.  Please feel free to contact us directly about such opportunities.

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