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Founded in 2005, Fioretto Fencing Academy is home to many who have discovered and nurtured a lifelong love of fencing.  The club has trained top competitors in the sport, but believes also in ensuring that young fencers apply lessons learned on the fencing strip to life: self-discipline;  good sportsmanship;  and honing the skills of analyzing complex situations and making good decisions quickly. Join us, and find out why fencing is one of only five sports contested at every Olympic Games since 1896 – practiced by both the young and young-at-heart!

Alan Chernomashentsev

Alan Chernomashentsev


Coach Alan Chernomashentsev has over thirty years of fencing and coaching experience. He began fencing at the age of nine in Lvov, Ukraine, earned the title Master of Sport of Fencing in the Soviet Union by the age of seventeen, and graduated from the Institute of Physical Education in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. Ranked 2nd in Veteran Men’s Foil in 2018 by USA Fencing, the sport’s national governing body, he had the honor of representing Team USA at the 2018 Veteran World Championships in Livorno, Italy, achieving a 4th place finish internationally. Previous honors include: Silver Medal, North American Cup (April 2017); Bronze Medal, North American Cup (April 2016); Gold Medal, USA Fencing National Championships (July 2010); Gold Medal, North American Cup (April 2010); Bronze Medal, USA Fencing National Championships (July 2009). His deep commitment not only to his students’ performance on the fencing strip, but to their development of good character, has won him high regard and a following of students who travel from across Florida to train at the club.


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