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Fioretto Updates May 2023

It's been an exciting year all around. Congratulations to all our students and competitive fencers for their spirit, hard work, and many successes this year. As we head into the summer, we've got several important changes and updates to our fencing program to share with you.

Summer Nationals workshop with Olympic fencers last year (2022).

  1. May the force be with you! -- There will be no class on Thursday, May 4th, 2023.

  2. No classes in July - we will take a break in July while fencers and coach Alan prepare for Summer Nationals in Phoenix.

  3. Along with other website and online system changes, we will no longer accept payments online. Monthly fees are expected to be paid by the first class of each month by check, cash, or Venmo @ 904-566-9004 (Olga Chernomashentsev):

    1. $150 - one student, one class per week

    2. $200 - one student, two classes per week

    3. $300 - family of 2+

  4. Important contact information:

    1. Coach Alan - 904-566-9003 for all fencing questions, including questions about group classes and private classes.

    2. Olga - 904-566-9004 for equipment and payment-related inquiries.

Thank you!

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